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Maya Springhawk Robnett / Arizona Science Desk; KAWC

Yuma Proving Ground Hosts Foreign Military Weapons Testing

Artillery responds to changes in climate, and when soldiers want to test weapons in a hot, dry environment, one of the places they come to—is a Yuma Army Base. And it’s not just U.S. military operations. Maya Springhawk Robnett of the Arizona Science Desk reports. Yuma Proving Ground is a military testing facility that straddles Yuma and La Paz Counties. It is here on this expanse of desert larger than the state of Rhode Island that new weapons are examined, old ammunition is tested for...
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Times are tough for Chesapeake oysters.

For one thing, they used to be bigger. "If you look at what people were saying back in the 1600s and 1700s about oysters, people had to cut them in half before they could even eat them," says Denise Breitburg, an ecologist with the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center.

'You Will Know Me' Says No, You Won't

59 minutes ago

Megan Abbott's novel You Will Know Me, like her other books, thrums with the edge and energy of teenage girlhood; the wild want, the wild daring, the wild selfishness that — as one of the girls' moms says — you're only really allowed when you're young. "Remember that kind of wanting? That kind that's just for yourself? And you don't even have to feel guilty about it? You wouldn't know to."

The third night of the 2016 Democratic Convention scaled several major peaks: President Obama gave, perhaps, the best-written oration of his career. Vice President Joe Biden gave, perhaps, his last national convention address, and his prospective successor, Tim Kaine, gave his first.

America's first image of Chelsea Clinton was as a curly-haired preteen girl with braces who shied away from the public stage while her father was president in the 1990s.

More than two decades later, the now 36-year-old mother of two will voluntarily step into the spotlight to introduce her own mother as her family seeks a return to the White House.

There's a new book out about the student loan crisis, or what author Sandy Baum suggests is a "bogus crisis." Baum, a financial aid expert and senior fellow at the Urban Institute, claims it's been manufactured by the media in search of a spicy story and fueled by politicians pushing "debt free college" proposals.

Not surprisingly, we had a few questions for Baum about the book, Student Debt: Rhetoric and Realities of Higher Education.

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Trump's Cyber Comments Rouse The Democrats

2 hours ago
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Hillary Rodham's 1969 commencement address at Wellesley College did not stand out because of what she said.

It stood out because of how she said it, and because she said it at all. This is a story not about words, but about context.

Before 1969, Wellesley had never had a student speaker at commencement. Administrators spoke and special guests spoke, but students at this women's college didn't have a voice on graduation day.

From On Air To On The Court

2 hours ago
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Call It A Cat And Cat Game

2 hours ago
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