CPB and FCC Compliance

KAWC is qualified to receive support from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) through a Community Service Grant (CSG). KAWC is required to certify annually to the CPB our compliance with the Communication Act of 1932. This page serves to provide information to the public for that compliance.

PO Box 929
2020 S Avenue 8E
Yuma, Arizona 85366

Licensee: Arizona Western College

Community Advisory Board and Open Meeting Requirements
KAWC is exempt from Community Advisory Board requirements.
The license for KAWC is held by the Arizona Western College. The AWC Governing Board is an elected body; its current members are:

District 1: Richard Lamb
District 2: Melissa Wright
District 3: Dennis Booth (Board President) 
District 4: Olivia Zepeda
District 5: Maria Chayova

A list of Arizona Western College Governing Board biographies, meeting agenda, minutes and open meeting requirements are available here.

Station Executive Staff 
Dave Riek, General Manager

Lou Gum, News and Operations Manager

Alice Ferris, Development Director

Financial Reports 
KAWC prepares an annual audit which you can view here: Current KAWC Audit

KAWC also prepares an annual financial report to the CPB which you can view here: Current KAWC CPB AFR

Financial reports may also be viewed by appointment at KAWC's offices on the Arizona Western College Yuma Main Campus.

Station Activity Summary

Under the terms of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting Community Service Grant, KAWC is required to complete an annual Station Activity Summary. This is available by appointment at KAWC's offices on the Arizona Western College Yuma Main Campus.

Diversity Statement/Equal Employment Opportunity
As a department of Arizona Western College, KAWC supports and complies with the College's commitment to and goals in diversity. Arizona Western College ensures equal opportunity in the employment and educational services of the college regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age or disability consistent with federal and state laws prohibiting discrimination in employment and the provision of educational services. The President of the College or designee shall establish procedures to carry out this policy.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Reports are below:

FCC Public File

KAWC maintains its FCC public file online. The station public files are available here: