Maya Springhawk Robnett / KAWC Colorado River Public Media

An elementary school in Yuma is going to Mars.  The kids got their tickets, received a briefing from National Aeronautics and Space Administration engineers, and they’re set to get advice from astronauts on the International Space Station.  Maya Springhawk Robnett of the Arizona Science Desk reports…

While one of the most entertaining World Series contests was underway this year between the Dodgers and the Astros, Arizona Western College's own World series hero was back on campus.  KAWC's Kim Johnson tells us why...

Bengie Molina came back to the college, along with local educator and elected official Lynn Pancrazi, as a 2017 inductee into the AWC Hall of Fame.  Molina, from Puerto Rico, was a shortstop and pitcher for the Matadors prior to a long career as a catcher on four Major League Baseball teams... 

Reporter's Notebook: Life Before The Border Fence

Mar 1, 2018
Feliza Azelin

President Donald Trump has made it clear that he wants to build a massive wall on the U.S. Mexico border. Critics say the fence is useless and a waste of taxpayer money.

But that may depend on which side of the border you live on.

KAWC’s Stephanie Sanchez has lived in this border community her entire life. She shares personal recollections in today’s reporter’s notebook.

Maya Springhawk Robnett / KAWC Colorado River Public Media

Yuma Proving Ground celebrated its 75th anniversary this weekend with a free event for the public.  KAWC’s Maya Springhawk Robnett was there…

Stephanie Sanchez

How does enforcement determine if someone is “too high” to drive?

As scientists try to develop a reliable DUI test for marijuana, KAWC’s Stephanie Sanchez went on a ride along with two local law enforcement agencies who say they just rely on the tools they have.