Dave Riek

General Manager and Host, The Bridge and Morning Edition

Dave Riek has been General Manager at KAWC since January, 2006. He began his work in Yuma as a partnership with NPR member-station, KNAU, at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff. After more than a year splitting his time between the two stations, Dave made the move to Yuma in the summer of 2007. Dave has worked as a reporter, news director, producer, recording engineer and operations manager. At KNAU he led the transition from amateur to professional air staff. Dave also worked on a series of projects to develop a network of repeater stations to bring public radio to communities across northern and central Arizona. He has also worked as a consultant helping develop several public radio stations across the southwest. A native of Arizona, Dave spent his childhood in the Phoenix area. After more than 20 years in Flagstaff, Dave, his wife and three young children are enjoying the change to Yuma's desert lifestyle. Dave can be contacted at dave.riek@kawc.org.


Arizona's monsoon weather season officially began on June 15th, but this week is the first time enough moisture has moved into the state to potentially trigger afternoon and evening thunderstorms and rain in southern Arizona.

While monsoon storms can be inconvenient and dangerous, for the state's largest utility, the storm season presents a major challenge due to outages triggered by storm damage.

John Gaboury (1931-2014)

Feb 25, 2014
John Gaboury
Dalia Garay, AWC Photo Archive

We at KAWC mourn the loss of John Gaboury, a longtime member of the KAWC family. We thank him for his years of entertainment, leadership, expertise, and storytelling.

On Sunday, March 2, there will be a special tribute version of "Gaboury's Private Stock," including highlights and personal reflections. To add your comments about John, please visit our Facebook page or email us at comments@kawc.org.

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