Michelle Faust

L. Michelle Faust, MA, began at KAWC as Morning Edition Host and Spanish Language Producer in 2011. She is an enthusiastic follower of news and aficionado of public broadcasting. Michelle had press credentials before she had a driver's license, working for newspapers in both high school and college. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Romance Languages in 2002 from the University of Oregon. Michelle infuses curiosity and a passion for knowledge into her work. Her previous career in education began in 2002 when she taught English in Nîmes, France, before returning to the University of Oregon for her Master of Arts in Spanish literature. Her career in education culminated with a position as Spanish Professor for Arizona Western College. Michelle loves travel, languages, nature, and adventure. In her off time, she spends most of her time traveling, reading, studying languages, dancing, doing yoga, and spending time in the outdoors hiking or kayaking.

In February 2014, Michelle moved to Rochester, New York, to accept a position with WXXI. We wish her well in her new endeavors.

Ways To Connect

Arizona Edition - One finding in the Latino Decisions report is that 65 percent of Arizona Latinos know someone who is an undocumented immigrant.  That statistic may shed light on why some Latinos are reluctant to sign up for health care under the Affordable Care Act. 

An estimated 10.2 million Latinos in the United States are eligible for health insurance, but remain uncovered.  Monday, President Barack Obama kicked off "Latino Week of Action" to continue nationwide efforts to reverse this trend.  KAWC's Michelle Faust reports...(originally aired 02/26/14).

Michelle Faust / KAWC Colorado River Public Media

Arizona Edition - In 2012, construction began on a renewable energy project on federal lands west of El Centro, California.  This project is in the center of Native American historical sites, including sacred burial grounds.  Though the area is not on designated reservation lands, several tribes united against the project.  Despite their objections, the Ocotillo Wind Energy Project is up and running now.  But Several Quechan tribal members continue their fight.  KAWC’s Michelle Faust reports…(originally aired 01/29/14).

Matika Wilbur

Arizona Edition - Last week saw the arrival in Yuma of young photographer Matika Wilbur.  Wilbur is the founder of Project 562, an effort to document in photos members of every federally recognized indigenous nation in the united states.  She was in Yuma to photograph members of the local Quechan and Cocopah tribes.  KAWC’s Michelle Faust caught up with her to out more about project 562, how far along the project is, and how you can help…(originally aired 01/29/14).

January is national slavery and human trafficking month.  It is something that is often hidden in plain sight—in the neighborhoods and businesses in our own communities.

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, ahead of next year’s Super bowl in the state—considered to be a draw for human and sex trafficking has created a special task force to strengthen victim services and prevent trafficking in the state.