AARP-Arizona's Priorities

Feb 26, 2014

Arizona Edition - The American Association of Retired Persons is one of the most influential and vocal organizations in the nation.  In part because it represents a growing population of people who, ideally, have put a lifetime of work and career behind them to enjoy life at a more leisurely pace.  But today’s retired aren’t disengaged from the realities of politics and social policy.  And while the national organization of AARP concentrates on Congress and Presidential priorities, state chapters focus on state leadership in much the same way.

Last month, AARP-Arizona released a list of priorities it says should get some traction in the Arizona legislature.  The issues range from concerns over the state retirement system to worry over predatory loans that can victimize a vulnerable population. 

To find out more, KAWC's Lou Gum spoke with Steven Jennings, AARP-Arizona’s Associate Director of Advocacy and Virginia Brant, Volunteer Chair of AARP Arizona’s Advocacy Network.  Topping the list of AARP Arizona’s advocacy priorities is protecting retirement incomes…(originally aired 02/26/14).

This piece was featured in the February 26th Arizona Edition.  Other pieces featured in the show can be found in the related content section below.