Discover Space Exhibit Comes to Yuma County Library

Oct 6, 2017

The Yuma Main Library was selected as one of eight sites nationwide to host a traveling space science exhibit.  For the Arizona Science Desk, Maya Springhawk Robnett reports…

Hannah Stewart with the Yuma County Library District demonstrated how to use one of the Discover Space exhibit’s many learning tools.  This “space-rock kiosk” allows users to see the impact of a comet or meteor landing on their hometown. 

Let’s say a comet, a big one!”  she said, choosing the method of Yuma's (hypothetical) demise.  She typed in Yuma County’s zip code.

"Let's say a comet, a big one!" Stewart said, choosing the method of Yuma's (hypothetical) demise.

“So, around this circle, a 7.0 earthquake effect would be felt.  Here,” Stewart pointed to the screen, “steel buildings would be knocked over all the way through Colorado up through Nevada.  And then all the way up in Oregon and Wyoming, people would experience first-degree burns and their clothing would ignite.”

Other than the “space-rock kiosk”, the exhibit includes a touch-table that allows patrons to build their own solar systems, a near-real-time solar monitoring station, a plasma sphere, space-themed hands-on activities, and a meteorite display, containing one specimen estimated to be 4.5 billion years old.

The Discover Space: a Cosmic Journey traveling exhibition is part of the STAR Library Education Network at the Space Science Institute.  The exhibit will remain in Yuma until December 5th, after which it will move on to Wyoming.


Hannah Stewart with the Yuma Main Library shows us the #PlasmaSphere at the #YumaCountyLibraryDistrict #DiscoverSpace exhibit. #KAWC #ArizonaScience

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