America Si!

KAWC, in partnership with independent producer Carlos Rodriguez Manzanedo, is developing a new bilingual series called America Si!

 Our plan is to engage Yuma County’s English and Spanish language communities in an effort to celebrate what we all have in common. We will focus on people telling their own stories and sharing their experiences living in this area.  Through America Si!, we will help people connect with their friends and neighbors in our multi-cultural community, both in the Yuma area and beyond. America Si! modules will run during KAWC's morning programming on both KAWC-FM 88.9 and AM1320, as well as on the KJZA Radio Network. We will also make these segments available through the internet and social media through this page, and at  

America Si! producer Carlos Manzanedo
We are currently seeking sponsors for the pilot phase this project. Sponsors will provide the funding needed to record and edit segments, upload them to internet and social media distribution points and market the project to the community. As a sponsor you will receive a sponsorship credit at the end of each report and sponsorship credit on any marketing materials and internet/social media distribution of the report.  For more information on sponsorship opportunities for America Si! please contact Steven Hennig at 877-838-5292, or email