Arizona Ranks 26 On AARP's Long Term Care Scorecard

Aug 30, 2017
Stephanie Sanchez

10,000 people in the U.S. turn 65 every day and more of the nation’s population will live well into their 80s, an age at which there is considerable demand for long term care services.

A new report by the American Association of Retired Persons, measured each state’s capacity to meet these demands.

As KAWC’s Stephanie Sanchez reports, Arizona falls in the middle of the list.

AARP-Arizona's Priorities

Feb 26, 2014

Arizona Edition - The American Association of Retired Persons is one of the most influential and vocal organizations in the nation.  In part because it represents a growing population of people who, ideally, have put a lifetime of work and career behind them to enjoy life at a more leisurely pace.  But today’s retired aren’t disengaged from the realities of politics and social policy.  And while the national organization of AARP concentrates on Congress and Presidential priorities, state chapters focus on state leadership in much the same way.