Agriculture in Yuma

Yuma event aimed at kick-starting new businesses in Yuma County.

Amanda Solliday

San Luis-Affordable farmworker housing is in high demand in Yuma County, where up to 50,000 seasonal workers are employed annually.

While there are some federal programs to help workers obtain housing, the onus is on employers to provide housing to some of their seasonal employees.  Specifically, those doing work that American workers take a pass on.

Shift In Javelina Territory Causes Problems For Farmers

Jun 23, 2015
Arizona Game and Fish Department

Javelina seen near Yuma have captured the attention of the Arizona Game and Fish Department and local farmers. The wild pig-like species is usually seen farther east or south.

Two javelina — also known as collared peccaries — were spotted last September running through the streets of a subdivision in the eastern Foothills of Yuma. A resident took a video of the pair, and that video found its way to Chris Bedinger’s inbox, a public information officer with Arizona Game and Fish.

Women Key to Arizona Agriculture

Jun 22, 2015
Stephanie Sanchez

The classic American farmer riding a tractor, wearing overalls and rising at dawn to tend to the animals and crops is still alive and well--with one major difference.

Today, that hard working farmer may very well be a woman.

As KAWC's Stephanie Sanchez reports--Arizona farms are more likely to be owned and operated by women than farms in other parts of the country.

AZED-The Southwest Agriculture Summit held at Arizona Western College wrapped up this weekend.

Agriculture leaders, researchers, scientists and farmers from all over the nation attended the event for the latest technology and information in the industry.

Although men tend to dominate the agriculture industry, women from all walks of life are setting their path in every sector of the agriculture industry.