Maya Springhawk Robnett

President Donald Trump has vowed to build an impenetrable wall along the U.S.-Mexico border to keep people from coming into this country.   But there’s concern for the non-human traffic that traverses that line.  Maya Springhawk Robnett of the Arizona Science Desk reports.

The Dangers of Crossing the Desert

Jul 10, 2013
Karen Zamora / KAWC Colorado River Public Media

On Arizona Edition, we investigate the dangers of crossing the United States-Mexico border and what happens to those who are victims of the desert heat. KAWC's Karen Zamora visits more than 600 graves at Terrace Park Cemetery in Holtville, California where many are unidentified migrants. Also, KAWC's Michelle Faust sits down with the Yuma Sector Border Patrol and the consulates office in Yuma, Arizona and Calexico, California as they explain their prevention efforts.

Senator Jeff Flake Tours Yuma Sector

Mar 26, 2013
Michelle Faust

Senator Jeff Flake toured parts of the Yuma Sector of the U.S.-Mexico border Tuesday.  Senator Flake told KAWC’s Michelle Faust the "Gang of Eight" working on immigration reform is closer to than ever before.

Yuma Sector Border Security

Mar 19, 2013
Michelle Faust

Arizona’s senators are among eight in Washington working on immigration reform, but their plans are contingent on the security of the U.S.-Mexico border.  This week on Arizona Edition, we explore the work of border patrol agents along the 126 miles of the Yuma Sector.  We’ll check out border fences, visit a remote forward base and talk about the challenges facing Yuma Sector agents with Chief Steven Martin. We’ll also talk with Senator Jeff Flake for the latest on his view on why border security should be tied to immigration reform.