Border Patrol Agents

Reporter's Notebook: Life Before The Border Fence

Mar 1, 2018
Feliza Azelin

President Donald Trump has made it clear that he wants to build a massive wall on the U.S. Mexico border. Critics say the fence is useless and a waste of taxpayer money.

But that may depend on which side of the border you live on.

KAWC’s Stephanie Sanchez has lived in this border community her entire life. She shares personal recollections in today’s reporter’s notebook.

Arizona Edition - Born and raised in Tucson, Agent Linwood Estes is an Arizona native who began his career in the U.S. Border Patrol 4 ½  years ago.  The Yuma Sector agent wears many hats in the Border Patrol; he is an agent, an emergency medical technician, as well as a chaplain.  In this installment of Work Stories, Agent Estes tells us about a deadly week on patrol in the hot Arizona desert…