Four designated national monuments in Arizona are among 24 across the country slated for review under an executive order signed by President Donald Trump Wednesday.

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Many artists are inspired by the beauty of the desert Southwest, but Emily and Matthias Düwel also see something happening to that landscape. Their paintings reflect themes of environmental change and a call for sustainability.

When the Düwels moved from New York City to a small community near Tucson in 2004, this also marked a shift in their art.

Both were accustomed to painting man-made structures, settings busy with movement and night scenes full of artificial light.

Emily Düwel said the couple began searching for new sources of inspiration in rural Arizona.

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The latest Conservation in the West Poll is a survey of 2,800 registered voters in seven Western states, including Arizona. The questions cover a range of environmental topics, including public lands, energy, and water.

Colorado College administered the poll in December 2015, in partnership with both Democratic and Republican opinion research firms. The results were released last week.

Tucson Bishop Shares Climate Change Message From Pope

Dec 7, 2015
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As the United Nations conference in Paris continues, many are focused on climate change. This includes the Catholic Church.

Bishop Gerald Kicanas of Tucson spoke in Yuma Dec. 6 about Pope Francis’s encyclical, or letter to the church entitled “Laudato Si: On Care For Our Common Home.”