Stephanie Sanchez

"Medical tourism” typically refers to people looking for cheaper dental work, pharmaceutical goods or major surgery in another country.

But it can also mean healthcare for our four legged friends—whose medical costs can sometimes rival human medical bills.

KAWC's Stephanie Sanchez reports that some pet owners are heading south of the border for cheaper pet care.

Stephanie Sanchez

Hundreds of Yuma area employees will soon have the option to get their medical care south of the border.

KAWC’s Stephanie Sanchez attended a recent meet and greet for providers and patients in Los Algodones, Mexico.

Stephanie Sanchez

Business is booming on the border despite increasing tension between the U.S. and Mexico over a wall and immigration policy.

One small Mexican town has become known as “Molar city” because of dental tourism.

Americans and others visit the over 350 dentists there for low prices and fast service. Most of these dentists rely on “street hustlers” to recruit new patients.

KAWC’s Stephanie Sanchez went to Molar city to find out how this unusual job works.

AZED-Cinco de Mayo celebrations are becoming increasingly popular in the U.S.

The celebrations commemorate the day in 1862 when the Mexican army fought and defeated the French army in the state of Puebla.

Today, celebrations across Mexico and the United States are encouraged by Mexican beer and tequila advertisements.  And when people think of a Mexican drink – tequila is often the first in their minds

Arizona Edition - Honor students for Northern Arizona University recently traveled from the Yuma East Wetlands to Mexico to take part in a tree-planting project along the Colorado River.  Due to Minute 319, which amends the water treaty between the U.S. and Mexico, the River has seen an increase in flow into Mexico--an environmental move that these Honor students discovered is also distinctly humanitarian...(originally aired 04/16/14).