Yuma Community Food Bank

Yuma Community Food Bank Hits Record for Number of Families Served

Aug 4, 2017
Yuma Community Food Bank

The Yuma Community Food Bank has seen record numbers for individuals served and is now running low on donated food.  KAWC's Maya Springhawk Robnett reports...

Miss Yuma County Scholarship Pageant

Arizona Edition - Hailey Bernardo is a Yuma County young person trying to shed new light and offer solutions to a big local problem.  She is Miss Yuma County 2014.  Bernardo’s pageant platform is hunger, something far too many people in Yuma County are familiar with.  To highlight the issue, Bernardo has organized a Walk-off Hunger 5k this coming weekend.  KAWC’s Lou Gum sat down with Bernardo to talk about her platform…(originally aired 03/19/14).

On Arizona Edition, we learn that need in the Yuma community doesn’t end after the holiday season of giving.  KAWC’s Kim Johnson reports on hunger and giving in Southwest Arizona...(originally aired 01/15/14).

Later, KAWC's Michelle Faust caught up with Yuma Community Food Bank CEO Mike Ivers to talk more about need in the community...(originally aired 01/15/14).

These pieces were featured in the January 15th Arizona Edition.  Other pieces featured in the show can be found in the related content section below.

In Yuma, it is estimated that nearly 43% of children are food insecure.  A donor recently agreed to match donations given to the Yuma Community Food Bank until early February—up to half-a-million dollars.  Listen for the full story below…(originally aired 12/30/13).

Report by KAWC's Kim Johnson.  Voiced by KAWC's Michelle Faust.

Elder Abuse and Child Hunger in Southwest Arizona

Apr 16, 2013
Yuma Community Food Bank

In Arizona Edition, KAWC's Trudy Schuett investigates elder abuse to see how it is handled in Southwest Arizona.

Arizona Edition - Arizona Western College Theater students read from the paper plates strung up at the Yuma Community Food Bank, written by Yuma County's hungry citizens.

In this segment of Arizona Edition, KAWC's Maya Springhawk Robnett looks into child hunger and how the people of Yuma County are working to help fix the problem.