Yuma Police Department

Stephanie Sanchez

How does enforcement determine if someone is “too high” to drive?

As scientists try to develop a reliable DUI test for marijuana, KAWC’s Stephanie Sanchez went on a ride along with two local law enforcement agencies who say they just rely on the tools they have. 

YPD Shares Holiday Shopping Safety Tips

Nov 23, 2017

As many people head out to do some holiday shopping this Thanksgiving weekend, so are burglars to take your vehicle or belongings.

KAWC’s Stephanie Sanchez reports on some safety tips to help keep you and your property safe.

YPD Chief: Department Faces Budget Revenue Shortfalls

Feb 16, 2017
Yuma Police Department

In 2015, the Yuma Police Department lost over 30 police officers who moved on to better paying agencies. Over a year later, the department is fully staffed but now faces another issue, budget revenue shortfalls.

KAWC's Stephanie Sanchez checks in with YPD Chief John Lekan to talk about the state of the department  and looming budget cuts.

Yuma Police Department

President Donald Trump wants local police to help enforce federal immigration laws. His recent executive action gives local police chiefs the choice to deputize their officers as immigration officials and do street level enforcement.

But in the border community of Yuma, Arizona, where there are thousands of border and customs officials, the local police department said using its resources to enforce immigration laws makes no sense.

KAWC’s Stephanie Sanchez reports.

Suspicous Package Found At Yuma Police Department

Jun 23, 2016

Yuma-A suspicious package was found at the front doors of the Yuma Police Department early this morning.

YPD spokeswoman Sergeant Lori Franklin said an unknown person dropped off a back pack around 7 a.m. All YPD personnel evacuated the building.  

The Yuma County Sheriff’s Office Bomb Disposal Unit responded to the scene.

The City of Yuma reports via Twitter that the package has been secured and determined not a threat. YPD will be returning to normal operations shortly.