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KAWC, Colorado River Public Media, is licensed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) as a non-commercial, educational radio station. KAWC's licensee is the Arizona Western College District Governing Board. Within AWC, KAWC is part of the Office of the President. The AWC District Governing Board follows open meeting rules; agenda and minutes are available here.

With studios and transmitters located on the main campus of Arizona Western College in Yuma, KAWC AM-1320 began broadcasting on July 11, 1970. KAWC FM-88.9 was added in 1992. In early 2006, KAWC began simulcasts of the FM service over the Internet at kawc.org. In the summer of 2008, simulcasts of KAWC AM began.

Beginning in November 2009, KAWC began its partnership with the KJZA Radio Network through a Leased Management Agreement (LMA) to rebroadcast the KAWC AM program stream in Williams, Flagstaff, Kingman and Prescott, Arizona on weekdays.

In November 2013, KAWP-FM-88.9 in Parker went on the air thanks to listener support and funding from our licensee, Arizona Western College, and broadcasts our NPR and BBC News programming stream.

In late 2014, KAWC relocated the primary FM transmitter to Telegraph Pass, east of Yuma, thanks to a generous contribution from Timothy Conovaloff, funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and listener support. This move significantly improved our coverage of both east and west Yuma County, reaching as far as Dateland, Arizona and the outskirts of El Centro, California on the I-8 corridor.

KAWC broadcasts from the Robert E. Hardy Radio Studio Complex on the Arizona Western College campus in Yuma. The studios are dedicated in honor of "Uncle Bob" Hardy, KAWC's first general manager from 1970-1992.

Mission Statement

KAWC is dedicated to educating, informing, and entertaining our listeners through high-quality radio and internet broadcasts. We serve the diverse needs of our audience with music, news, public affairs, and fine arts programming.

Financial Reports 

KAWC is qualified to receive support from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting through a Community Service Grant. As a condition of that grant, KAWC prepares an annual audit which you can view here: Current KAWC Audit

Station Activity Summary

Under the terms of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting Community Service Grant, KAWC is required to complete an annual Station Activity Summary. This report is available here.

Equal Employment Opportunity

Arizona Western College ensures equal opportunity in the employment and educational services of the college regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age or disability consistent with federal and state laws prohibiting discrimination in employment and the provision of educational services. The President of the College or designee shall establish procedures to carry out this policy.
KAWC posts its Equal Employment Opportunity Report to comply with FCC regulations on an annual basis. The most recent report is here.

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