Alberto Urbierta - University of Arizona Yuma Learning Center

The 2016 Yuma County Science and Engineering Expo winners will be honored at a ceremony in Yuma High School’s Snider Auditorium on Feb. 17.

Elementary, middle school and high school students competed at the expo. The event was held Feb. 5 at Arizona Western College.

The projects covered a range of subjects including chemistry, physics, botany, zoology, environmental science, health and engineering.

The top three finalists in each category will receive awards. The ceremony begins at 6 pm.

Roger Galloway - Ward Campaign

In December, State Senator Kelli Ward resigned from her seat to focus on a run for the United States Senate.

The Lake Havasu physician's first test will come in the primary as she takes on fifth term Senator John McCain.

Ward tells KAWC that Congress is broken and the solution is to send new voices, like hers, to Washington, DC...  scroll down for more audio...

Dr. Ward says decades in Washington, DC have changed John McCain...

KAWC spoke with Dr. Ward for almost fifteen minutes on a number of topics.  Listen below for the full, un-edited conversation...

Arizona Capitol Museum

Representatives from sixteen environmental organizations are meeting with state legislators Feb. 9 during the annual Environmental Day at the Capitol. The group will advocate for changes in Arizona’s water laws.

Organizer Sandy Bahr with the Sierra Club said environmental groups feel left out of Governor Ducey’s new Water Augmentation Council. Bahr would like to see more policy emphasis on the health of rivers, streams and lakes in Arizona.

Winter snow and rain are improving short-term drought conditions in some parts of the state, but have not yet changed Arizona’s long-term drought status.  

The long-term drought status compares recent precipitation and streamflow to a 40-year historical record. The latest update is based on data collected through the end of 2015.

Right now, streamflow is considered near normal in some parts of the state, and below average in others.

KAWC Archive

On any given day KAWC listeners will hear us say, "Broadcasting from the Robert E. Hardy Radio Studio Complex..." 

That is part of a legal announcement we make at the top of each hour to identify the station and the community we serve.

Maybe you hear Hardy's name on our station IDs and have no idea who he is.  Or maybe you are a long-time Yuma resident and you are familiar with Uncle Bob, as he was known throughout his broadcasting and academic career.