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2:19 pm
Tue October 7, 2014

Take the Water Consciousness Challenge

Water Consciousness Challenge

Arizona Edition - The Arizona Community Foundation among sponsors of first-ever New Arizona Prize...

The American southwest has been plagued with drought for over a decade, but the region continues to attract new business, industry and residents, placing an ever-increasing burden on Arizona’s most precious resource – water.

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1:10 pm
Tue October 7, 2014

New Leader at Yuma County Chamber of Commerce

Arizona Edition - John Courtis (pronounced Curtis) is now flying solo as the new Executive Director of the Yuma County Chamber of Commerce. 

For the past few days he has been working with long time Chamber head Ken Rosevear.  Rosevear retired as of September 29th.  KAWC’s Kim Johnson spoke to the new Chamber Director to find out more about him and his goals for his new position…

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Arizona 2014
1:05 pm
Tue October 7, 2014

The Purple Purse Campaign

Arizona Edition - The Purple Purse Campaign

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

According to the Allstate Foundation Purple Purse Program—which is dedicated to educating women about domestic violence and financial abuse-- one in four women will be affected by domestic violence in their lifetime—more women than breast cancer, lung cancer and ovarian cancer combined.

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Arts and Culture
1:00 pm
Tue October 7, 2014

Yuma History - Diary of a Nameless Schoolteacher

Arizona Edition - The Nameless Schoolteacher's Diary - A look back on Yuma history...

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12:51 pm
Tue October 7, 2014

Archaeology at YPG

The challenges of preserving historic sites at the Army's Yuma Proving Ground...

Yuma Proving Ground is one of the largest military installations in the world. The over 1300 square mile facility is used to test nearly every weapon, vehicle and piece of equipment used in the military.

The testing areas at YPG are so vast that in some parts of the installation there are sites and artifacts that are thousands of years old.

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