2014 Gubernatorial Race

Scott Smith for Governor

Arizona Edition - Scott Smith has been given a lot of credit for his leadership as Mayor of Mesa.  He’s now turned his sights on bringing that reputation to the Arizona Governor’s Office.  While he has lagged in the past polls in third or fourth place out of a packed Republican primary field, this week a new poll has him moving up to within two points of leader Doug Ducey.  He also received the endorsement of Arizona Governor Jan Brewer.  All in all, he tells KAWC’s Lou Gum it has been a good past 24 hours…(originally aired 08/07/14).

Doug Ducey for Governor

Arizona Edition - Recent polls show Republicans Doug Ducey and Christine Jones leading the field of candidates seeking the nomination to be Arizona’s next governor.  Ducey is currently State Treasurer and he recently received an endorsement from the Arizona Republic.  Ducey spoke with KAWC’s Lou Gum about that endorsement, the upcoming Primary Election, and his plan for Arizona…(originally aired 08/05/14).

Geoffrey Vetter / Fred DuVal for Arizona Governor

Arizona Edition - Heading into the August Primary, gubernatorial candidate Fred DuVal will be the only Democrat on the ballot.  DuVal sat down with KAWC's Lou Gum to talk about the economy, job opportunities, border security, education, and other aspects of his gubernatorial plan...(originally aired 08/04/14).

This piece was featured in the August 4th Arizona Edition.  Other pieces featured in the show can be found below in the related content section.

Arizona Edition - There are nine Republican candidates vying for the Republican nomination to be Arizona’s next Governor.  Standing out in a crowd like that can be difficult and most Arizona voters seem undecided about who they’ll support.  A recent poll had state treasurer Doug Ducey in the lead but the same poll showed almost 60 percent of sate primary voters were undecided.