Funeral Service Stories

Maya Springhawk Robnett / KAWC Colorado River Public Media

Arick Dombrowski is a 34-year-old funeral director at Johnson’s Mortuary in Yuma.  Dombrowski is a native of Somerton, Arizona and attended Yuma’s Cibola High School before going on to get his mortuary degree at Mesa Community College.  In this installment of Arizona Edition’s Work Stories, Arick talks about his profession and the outlook it puts on life, as well as the most difficult case he has ever handled…(originally aired 06/25/4).

Darren Mattice

Darren Mattice is a 42-year old funeral director at the Yuma Mortuary.   In this installment of Arizona Edition's Work Stories, Mattice, who has been in funeral services for 2 decades, talks about detachment and the fine line between caring too much and not caring enough.  Mattice has been in Yuma for almost 11 years; he is a father of two…(originally aired 06/11/14).