Police Officers

Stephanie Sanchez

A vast network of canals stretch like veins off the Colorado River.  They provide water to communities hundreds of miles away and nourish the region’s vibrant agricultural industry.

But the often muddy and fast flowing canals can be a “death trap” for those who venture too close.

KAWC’s Stephanie Sanchez introduces us to the first responders responsible for dangerous canal rescues.

Stephanie Sanchez

Yuma- Law enforcement agencies across the state are having trouble hiring and keeping new police officers.

21-year old Arlene Martinez, a cadet at the Arizona Western College Law Enforcement Training Academy is going through the red man training, a series of realistic training scenarios that test her decision making skills under pressure.

Martinez is five foot four inches tall and weighs 120 pounds.

Yuma Police Department

Yuma-The Yuma Police Department is seeing a sharp increase in the number of police officers moving on to other better paying departments.

Yuma Police Chief John Lekan said in 2015 they have lost 33 officers and expect to lose more.

Lekan says during the recession, YPD was one of the few law enforcement agencies in the state still hiring while other cities were in a hiring freeze.