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Republicans criticized CNBC moderators during and after the last debate for not asking "substantive"-enough questions. With that in mind, NPR tracked the topics raised by moderators Tuesday in the Fox Business debate — and the length of time spent on each issue. (This does not include how candidates deviated from the topic at hand.)

Here's how many minutes were spent on the following issues:

Taxes/Deficit/Budget/Debt: 26:16

Which candidates talked about it? Cruz, Carson, Paul, Bush, Rubio, Fiorina, Trump, Kasich

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To the delight of the Republican presidential candidates, the Fox Business Network's debate on economic issues stayed mainly on that topic, unlike last month's much-panned CNBC debate.

Not only did candidates draw distinctions on how they would jumpstart the economy, reform the tax code and shrink government, but major divides within the GOP on immigration and foreign policy emerged.

NPR's politics team live tweeted during the fourth Republican debate, held Tuesday in Milwaukee, Wis.

The chat has ended but you can view the archived version on Twitter at #nprdebate or below.

We are also live blogged the debate here.

The normally staid undercard debate took a feisty turn tonight, with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie trying to grab the spotlight after being demoted from the main stage and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal attacking him at every turn.

Christie didn't take the bait for the most part, instead using his answers to try to turn an eye toward the general election with ready attacks against Hillary Clinton.